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Learn the SHOCKING things that Happen in America’s Restaurants as we introduce you and your loved ones to our one-of-a-kind Initiative to Help STOP Unsafe Restaurants & bring awareness to the hazards that injure, harm, sicken, maim, and kill restaurant employees and customers. We give critical info. & insights for anyone that owns, manages, or works-in any type, size, or kind of restaurant or bar, anywhere – and the customers that frequent them. Learn how to look for the hazards + how to best protect those you care for and love. We LOVE Safe Restaurants.

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What’s in the Vault?

Textbooks, Workbooks, Quizzes, Tests, and Certificates of Completion: The core curriculum of our entire safety training program is made up of our critically-acclaimed textbooks, workbooks, quizzes, tests, and certificates. The Restaurant Vault gives you unlimited access to download, print, and use all of our training materials for all of your managers, employees, experienced workers, and new hires.

Video Courses: Our all-encompassing Video Courses allow you to experience a live restaurant safety class with all of the convenience of video streaming. Plus, our videos are served up with a heaping portion of Mental Goulash, which will keep viewers more engaged and interested. It’s easy to have your entire team, or individuals, watch each video in its entirety, or start and stop when and where you want for pre-shift meetings or quick refreshers.

Restaurant Documents: Dox in a Box is an added bonus included with your Vault Access. We have developed an extensive collection of documents, forms, and checklists and have pulled them together in one convenient location so that you can run your restaurant more safely, efficiently, and profitably with a potpourri of forms and dox that you need to stay on task.

More: We add new things to the Restaurant Vault regularly and at no additional cost to you – so be sure to check back often, as we give you world-class insights through our guides into better marketing, purchasing, sales building, operations, cost cutting, and a whole lot more about restaurants.