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Coach. Consult. Instruct.

Anyone can train their own employees using the materials inside The Restaurant Vault.

In fact, it’s the law that employers train their employees on the OSHA, safety, and security standards and rules.

However, there are those who can make a significant income on a full-time or part-time basis by becoming coaches and consultants to employers and by providing training classes to the employees of others.

We welcome you to consider becoming an independent coach, consultant, or instructor using our Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security courses and curriculums.

You would not be a representative, employee, or agent of us. You would own your own independent business and make all of your own decisions, and simply use our materials to teach, train, coach, and consult.

The requirements are these:

  1. Sign-up as a two-year paying member of The Restaurant Vault.
  2. Read and study all the materials pertaining to Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security + take all the quizzes and tests and watch all the videos – You do want and need to know your stuff, if you plan to do this.
  3. Go to the Contact Us page and tell us that you have interest and would like us to email you the Coach Consult Instruct Application form.
  4. Fill-out the Application Form and Follow the simple directions that we give you.
  5. Use Contact Us to Purchase an Instructor Starter Pack of Workbooks – Watch this video to see what’s inside the Starter Pack. Cost is $695
  6. Use Contact Us to Purchase at least one (1) Case of Workbooks from us every six (6) months – Workbook Pricing.

That’s it.

Use our course materials, workbooks, textbooks, quizzes, tests, videos, and certificates of completion to teach live classes relating to Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security to 100s of managers and employees, or to provide consulting and coaching services to countless owners, executives, industry vendors, or managers,

We don’t tell you what to do, what services to offer, how much you can charge, where you can conduct business, or how to market, operate, manage, or grow your business. That is all up to you. We provide an opportunity, but we do not offer any other support, other than what can be found inside The Vault + we provide you some tips and suggestions inside the Instructor Toolbox, which will be emailed to you after Step 5 when you order your Instructor Starter Pack. And, just like that, you are free to do your thing, as long as you do it honestly, ethically, professionally, with class and dignity.

Plus, we give you the opportunity to purchase Special Access Key Codes to The Restaurant Vault, directly from us at deeply discounted prices. This allows you to sell them for a higher price than what you bought them for, so you can make a profit from them OR give them away to clients or potential clients as a lasting gift that shows you care – because nothing shows you care, like the gift of safety.

Direct any other questions or comments to us via our Contact Us page and we will do our best to try to answer.

Kindest regards and God bless,

From the TEAM at The Restaurant Vault & Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security

We solely choose who we allow to be a part of this offering. We provide no guarantees or warrantees of income, profits, success, or performance. Results and class sizes vary. Your performance will greatly depend on whether or not you are great at building relationships, teaching classes, marketing your business, and providing a world-class service at a fair and reasonable price, with hospitality, kindness and class. We do not tolerate bad behavior, and we retain the right at our sole discretion to terminate, without recourse, those that treat people poorly or unfairly.