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What’s in the Vault?

Textbooks and Workbooks: The backbone of the ROSSI curriculum is our critically-acclaimed textbook and workbooks. The Vault gives you access to download and print off the Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security Textbook, Management Level workbook, English-Version Employee Level Workbook, and Spanish-Version Employee Level Workbook as many times as you need. You’ll be able to supply every individual on your staff with everything they need to be trained, tested, and certified in Restaurant OSHA.

Video Courses: As if you didn’t have enough options already, we also offer our training through one all-encompassing Video Course. It offers the experience of attending a live class with all the convenience of video streaming. These videos are filled to the brim with “Mental Goulash,” our method of keeping students engaged and having fun.

Documents: One of the added bonus section you’ll find within the Vault are our Dox in a Box. We have a collection of over two hundred documents that are incredibly useful for the operation of any restaurant. If during the running of your business the need arises for some kind of document, chances are you can find it within the Vault.

Web Series: Scared Safe – A Dangerous Conditions Awareness Program for Restaurants is a horror-based web series designed to raise awareness of the hazards and risks involved with working in a restaurant. The series features the Grim Reaper, a harbinger of disaster for careless or neglectful restaurant workers. Scared Safe will impart safety information in a unique and engaging way, making it a great conversation starter for safety meetings.

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