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Services Offered

We are so dedicated to your safety and security training, and the safety and security of your employees and customers, that we give you our training materials inside The Restaurant Vault for FREE with no strings attached.

Our Services

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Hazard Assessment and Risk Reduction Services:

Our sister company is America’s most sought-after restaurant, bar, food and beverage industry Forensic Restaurant Expert Witness firm in dealing with State and Federal law suits and insurance claims, so we how to help you find the hazards and reduce the risks of your restaurant or bar, or chain of establishments before something bad happens and you get your pants sued-off. We can also help you improve your safety and security training, testing, operating systems, polices, procedures, and standards by creating a Culture of Safety and sharing with you the best practices used across the industry by 1000’s of your competitors. We can help with OSHA, ADA, HAACP, FDA, DRAM shop and alcohol liability, bar security, general and specific premises liability, food borne illness, food and beverage contaminations, allergens, and more. Plus, we deliver the coaching in a way that is unique, fun, memorable, and lasting. You are better off calling us now rather than calling us to handle a litigation matter, after something catastrophic happens to one of your customers or employees.

Internal Theft and Investigation Services:

44% of restaurant and bar employees steal. 80% of the time that theft occurs its by management. The average restaurant and bar lose roughly 7% of its income to theft and pilferage! Do you even know who has their hand in the cookie jar or how they are stealing from you? Are you dealing with internal fraud, investor fraud, or drug issues? We can help. We specialize in these matters when they show up in court too, so we can come into your establishment, under the radar (incognito) and at the right time for your specific scenario to catch them red-handed or give you the info you need to press charges, take-action, or just clean house. Plus, we will give you the new operating systems, red-flags, checks-and-balances, and confidence that you need to go forward so that you can make sure that you are getting more of the money into your bank account and less of the cash into the pockets of those stealing from you. Our theft reduction and internal systems are unique and will close the gaping holes that are costing you a small-fortune and give you the peace of mind you need. This service almost always pays for itself many times over by simply stopping the bleeding.

Start-up Restaurant or Bar Services:

from the idea-stage, when you are jotting your ideas down onto a bar napkin, through a month after you are open for business – we can help you get where you want to go. With more than thirty years of experience under our belt in opening all kinds, types, and sizes of restaurants and bars we will coach you using long-standing best practices and the newest cutting-edge systems. You don’t need a Consultant to do it for you, you need a Coach to walk you through what to do and how best to avoid the landmines. Since our inception we have provided start-up services to a wide variety of restaurants and bars across the country and around the world. We have been involved in nearly every conceivable aspect of opening literally hundreds of different types, styles, and sizes of restaurants and bars – from fine dining to fast-food and nearly every conceivable concept in between. We wrote the book on How to Start a Restaurant that was found in bookstores in more than 76 countries around the globe. Getting off to a great start is critical to your success and we are here to help.

Turnaround & Profit Improvement Services:

you got into this business because you had a dream of being a successful restaurant or bar owner or executive, and for whatever reason it has now turned into a nightmare. Maybe things haven’t turned out quite the way that you had expected and hoped for. Or, maybe you are just leaving money on the table, or working to many hours to just maintain. We can help. Since our inception we have provided insight into how to make an intense impact to turnaround and re-align the operation, the marketing, the business and the team quickly and effectively. In fact, we have been in the trenches and involved in fixing, improving, and turning-around literally hundreds of different types and sizes of restaurants and bars across the country and around the globe from fine dining to fast-food and nearly every conceivable concept in between. Let us help you assess the situation, develop a strategy and solution, implement a series of systems that have a proven track record of success for others doing business across the industry, and get your arrows all realigned so that you can be successful. You do NOT need a Consultant. You need a Coach.

Monetization & Business Model Assessment Services:

Everyone likes to make money. The problem is this. Not everyone knows how to make money in this industry or what exactly they are looking at when it comes to restaurant and bar projects, investor presentations, performance indicators, projections, people, concepts, P&L’s, or business models. Yes – operations and marketing always play a role in this industry. We act as an unbiased expert on behalf of the Client to help determine the entire monetization strategy and business model, based on our vast industry experience and research, and try to determine whether or not, we think it can and will be financially successful. This service is traditionally offered to investors, bankers, creditors, developers, entrepreneurs, and high-net worth clientele. So, one example is… someone thinks they have a great restaurant or bar idea and they want you to put your money into the deal. That’s where we come in.

Expert Witness Services:

we have 200+ litigation cases to our credit in state and federal courts and doing business in every state across the country. Visit: Restaurant Expert Witness

Our Clients:

We work with people from nearly every walk of life and basically every economic standing – however, we aren’t cheap and do not offer cheap services. A majority of our clients are entrepreneurs, corporate executives, lawyers, bankers, investors, high-net worth individuals, successful independents, franchise groups, developers, corporations, and regional and national chains of various types, kinds, and sizes. Working for more than 30 years specifically with these individuals and organizations has helped us learn from experience that they each come with a special set of circumstances and needs. We are a highly specialized boutique firm. Please understand that our available project-load is limited due to the popularity of our services, our books, and our available time.

You Need a Coach – Not a Consultant:

From our more than thirty-years of experience doing both consulting and coaching across the restaurant and bar industry, and in markets across the country and around the globe, we have learned this simple lesson: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Our services are built around this simple premises. We do not do the work for you. We do not act like a traditional consultant. We provided those types of services for more than twenty years and it was always too difficult to make the client self-sufficient for their long-term success. We Coach our clients. We teach them every single aspect of what we do, how we do it and why we do it… so that they can do it for themselves going forward. Our greatest reward is when they no longer need us, and they become successful because now they know what needs to be done and how to do it on their own. Our unique, memorable, and one-of-a-kind approach will inspire you, engage you, and educate you. We share with you the secret-sauce, the industry best practices and the systems used by 1000’s of successful restaurants and bars nationwide, so you will never need a consultant again. By engaging us as your personal Coach, we will tell you how it really is, teach you and your team what you need to do, and how to do it for yourself, provide you with easy access to our expertise so that you can learn how to run every aspect of your business for yourself. You will have America’s most recognized expert on your speed dial and a mere phone call away and reasonably available when you need him most. He will help you strategize, work-out details, coach you through rough patches when they arise, provide you with the lessons that he has learned from being in the trenches of restaurants and bars his entire career, and provide you with his one-of-a-kind perspective that will be more likely to stick to your ribs and stay with you as long as you operate your business.
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