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Dox in a Box

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Question: Why do you need Checklists and Documents in a Restaurant?

The Answer: Checklists, forms and documents will help your restaurant operate more smoothly, which will allow your business to take-off and reach greater heights, and help you avoid the nasty crash and burn that comes when you don’t operate with tight systems that can only be done with checklists, forms and dox.

History speaks volumes: In 1935, the Boeing Corporation nearly went bankrupt when one of their planes crashed in a fiery explosion during a U.S. Army flight competition. The design and construction of their plane, the Model 299 (often called the “Flying Fortress”) was perfect. The pilot, Major Hill, was thought to be one of the best flyers in America at the time. What should have been an eventless flight ended in disaster with a fiery crash and two deaths, all because one little locking mechanism for the plane’s elevator and rudder controls wasn’t released properly by the pilot. After the tragedy, a conference was held between some premiere test pilots and their conclusion was not that there was a need for more training, or better, more experienced pilots, it was simply that pilots needed a checklist prior to trying to take flight.

And just like that, the checklist was born.

We at Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security care so deeply about the success of your restaurant that instead of just letting you experience disaster, up close and personal, we created you a massive collection of forms, documents, and of course checklists. The idea was for us to try to help you run your business as efficiently, effectively, and profitably as possible.

Plus, we wanted to save you countless hours of time by giving you a head-start, so now all you have to do is make whatever edits, revisions, additions and deletions that you want to our template forms and you are off and flying.

From employment applications to bar waste spillage logs – and countless other docs, forms and checklists in between, and nearly every document you could possibly want, or think of, in a restaurant of any type, size, or kind can be found inside Dox in a Box by Restaurant OSHA. And, the best part: it’s all included in the Vault, and we add new items regularly, so if you don’t see a document that you want or need, just check back later, and it may well be there.

We know that every restaurant and restaurant decision-maker is unique – so, we have made these fully editable and customizable, so you can change them to fit your specific wants, needs, and requirements.

Don’t let one little thing create a mountain of headache for you later. Download Dox-in-a-Box NOW, so you can get back to running a restaurant with an even better focus.