What's in The Vault? - The Restaurant Vault

What’s in The Vault?

Textbooks, Workbooks, Quizzes, Tests, and Certificates of Completion: The backbone of our entire curriculum is our critically-acclaimed textbooks, workbooks, quizzes, tests, and certificates. The Vault gives you unlimited access to download and print off the Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security Textbook, the Management Level workbook, the Employee Level Workbook, and the Spanish-Language Edition of the Employee level Workbook, as many times as you want and need. You’ll be able to supply every individual on your staff with everything they need to be trained, tested, and certified in Restaurant OSHA Safety and Security.

Video Courses: As if you didn’t have enough options already, we also offer our training through one all-encompassing Video Course. It offers the experience of attending a live class with all the convenience of video streaming. These videos are filled to the brim with “Mental Goulash,” our method of keeping students engaged and having fun, as best as we possibly can with safety training. You can watch every video, watch portions of videos, use these videos during your management and employee meetings, safety meetings, before shifts, or during individual or group training as much as you want.

Documents from: Dox in a Box: One of the bonus sections that you’ll find within the Vault is jam-packed with our one-of-a-kind Dox in a Box. We have developed an extensive collection of documents, forms, and checklists of various types and kinds from more than thirty years of working in restaurants and have pulled them together in one convenient location. Dox in a Box will be incredibly useful for the operation of any type, size, or kind of restaurant. Plus, we give them to you in simple word documents that you can edit, revise, change, add logos, or add or delete however you see fit, saving you countless hours of computer time and countless brain cells by making you start from scratch. If during the course, of running your business, you determine that you need some kind of document, form or checklist, chances are you can easily find it within Dox in a Box and it’s inside the Vault. Plus, we will regularly add new ones.

Scared Safe: The Web Series: Scared Safe – A Dangerous Conditions Awareness Program for Restaurants is a horror-based web series designed to raise awareness of the hazards and risks involved with working in, or dining in an unsafe restaurant. The series features the Grim Reaper, a harbinger of disaster for careless or neglectful restaurant managers and workers. Scared Safe will make you and your employees aware of the dangers and impart safety information, rules, systems and standards of various kinds in a unique, memorable, and engaging way, making it a great conversation starter for safety meetings, pre-shift meetings, training classes, and risk management events of various kinds. Watch the videos. Share the videos. Talk about the videos.

And So Much More: The Extras section of The Restaurant Vault contains not only Dox in a Box and Scared Safe, but also a potpourri of additional materials, including guides on marketing, profitability, funding, restaurant operations, and so much more. Plus, we add to it all the time, so the collection is always growing. We do this to make sure that the Vault’s value to you is always increasing and that you get the biggest bang for your buck. We’re restaurant people at heart, so you can be sure that the countless hints, tips, and tricks are tried, true, and crafted specifically with the Restaurant industry in mind. Be sure to check back often to see what else may pop up. All of this is included in Vault Membership, so it comes to you at no additional cost, no matter how many new items we add. The Vault truly is the most convenient and most affordable way to ensue that your restaurant premises are as safe, efficient, and profitable as they can possibly be.